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CompuVend, Inc. - Software that makes more money for you

     CompuVend USA, founded in 1982, is the premier provider of management and control software to the vending, office coffee, distribution, and food service industries. Our software helps you control your cash, receivables and inventory while providing information on profitability, sales history, merchandising, taxes, commissions, and much more. CompuVend's simple, easy-to-use software solutions can be configured to handle the needs of any company, from small vending operators and distribution companies to multi-site regional and nationwide corporations.

     CompuVend grew out of a need to provide its parent company, Food Management Corporation, with the necessary tools to gain tighter control of its Avondale Shipyard vending/cafeteria operations. Other vending operators expressed an interest in the system and 3 systems were sold in 1982. Following major innovations in the hardware arena, our vending management software evolved into a universal application that could be easily adapted by any company. Installations grew from more than 125 by 1986 to over 800 by 1997. From its world headquarters in New Orleans, LA, CompuVend supports over 800 users in the United States, Canada, Europe and South America.

CompuVend, Inc.
3525 Hessmer Ave. Suite 301
Metairie, LA 70002-7203

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