Instructions for Customers Needing RMA’s for Handheld Unit Repair



Customers will need a Repair Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number when sending handheld units to PSION\Motorola Solutions Service Center for repair. There are two ways to obtain an RMA:


1) By Phone : Call PSION\Motorola Solutions Service Center at 1-800-387-8898 and choose option 1 when prompted. You will be asked to enter a customer ID number; if you don’t know it there is an option for customers without customer ID. Follow the instructions provided.


2) By Email : Send an email to and provide the following information:


- Handheld Serial Number (located on the barcoded sticker on the side of the battery compartment)

- Company Name

- Contact Name (first AND last name)

- Contact Phone Number

- Fax Number

- Description of the problem

- Customer ID (if known)


If you don’t know your customer ID provide your company’s full address and they should be able to look it up. Also mention in the email that you are a CompuVend customer and they will email back to you further instructions and address information along with the RMA number.


It is recommended that customers obtain RMA’s by email rather by phone.



This will be the procedure for CompuVend customers to obtain RMA’s until further notice. We will update this website when we are able to process repair request through our office so please refer back regularly for more information.


Thank you for your patience.


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